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Adoration Manager is an Internet service designed to help you run your eucharistic adoration chapel. Engineered from the ground up for Eucharistic Adoration, Adoration Manager brings adorer tracking, communication, reporting, and scheduling into one great package. Whether your adoration chapel is in the planning stages or you have been running one for years, it's easy to get up and going with Adoration Manager. Great for part-time chapels, too. As low as $88/month! *

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Simple Touch Screen

Adorers sign into your chapel using a simple, intuitive touch screen. Using no keyboard or mouse, signing in for adoration is as simple as tapping the screen.

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Adoration Manager is a modern, internet-aware program with many useful and time-saving features:

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What People Are Saying

"Adoration Manager has made scheduling our adorers so easy. No more trips into the chapel to collect the sign-in sheets."
Holy Redeemer Church
"Group scheduling is the best feature. 20 knights all rotate taking the 11am hour on Sundays."
Our Lady of Hope Church
"I would be lost without my reminder messages for my hours of adoration!"
St. Clare Adoration Chapel